Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review: Pure Fun Kid's Jumper Trampoline from CSN Store

When I first saw the Pure Fun Kid's Jumper Trampoline, I was concerned that my daughters might be constantly hitting their heads on the hand-rail. As parents we've all heard the stories of kids hurt on trampolines, so naturally I was concerned. However, after a small amount of use, it became clear that the hand-rail not only wasn't a danger to them but actually did the job it purported to do (help them stay upright) reasonably well. This by far is one of the best items we have bought from the CSN Stores when it comes to price, shipping and overall fun of the item.

The construction of the trampoline isn't entirely easy. But, honestly, we're talking about something that needs to be both very sturdy and well balanced. Of course the parts are going to be difficult to fasten together. (Also, pay close attention to the orientation of the pieces as you assemble them. They can go together a number of ways until you get further along and then realize one or two of them are backwards.) Not until all of them are in place are they going to counter-balance each other properly. So each step of construction until the last step involves pieces that are trying as hard as they can to separate from one another. :) We also received one with orange foam instead of the pink that's pictured on the site.

But once it's assembled and set up, the girls immediately loved it (2 and 5 years old). It's amazing how something as simple as standing in place and bouncing can entertain a child so well. Naturally, they use it with other toys (pretending their dolls are jumping on it, pretending it's a pool for their dolls since the internal fabric is light blue, etc.) and as an all-purpose play platform. And it's more than sturdy enough to facilitate these creative endeavors.

Like I said earlier, as a parent I wasn't entirely sure about this one. But my kids have convinced me that it's safe and fun. And the fact that it's such a simple item means that the kids are naturally more creative with it, which I always endorse. (Kind of like how a large cardboard box is a better toy than an electronic game... because imagination is required to expand its playability.) For the price, I don't think we've ever bought a toy more enjoyed by the kids.

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