Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review: Chocolate Bunnies, Egg-Shaped Sweets and Special Edition "Hop" - Themed Candies from Hershey

What's Easter without candy? Well, sure, there's a lot more to Easter traditions than a basket with chocolate... But let's be realistic and let our inner children (and outer children) answer the question. Easter, for all of its traditions and meanings, is also a time to get a basket full of candy. Now, don't ask my why, but that candy is supposed to come in two basic shapes: Bunnies and Eggs.

Now, there are a lot of these on the market. You can't go to a store in March without seeing a whole array of chocolate bunnies. Small to large, solid to hollow, there are plenty of options. The same is true of eggs also. Bite-size, egg-size, cream-filled, solid, etc. Lots of colors, lots of decorations... Lots of options. But how many options do we really need? Ask yourself, when you think about chocolate, what name comes to mind?

Hershey's. No question, no close second place, nobody else. Hershey's is America's chocolate. They've been at it for generations and they still continue to bring new ideas to market. And, not to be outdone in the Easter season, they've come out with new bunnies and eggs to keep consumers delighted. And I had the opportunity recently to try their new Snapsy Bunny and HOP The Movie Magic Bunny. (Solid, of course... Hershey's doesn't cut corners on chocolate.)

Well, what's to be said? They're chocolate bunnies. My kids certainly love the movie tie-in. But for me, it's all about the chocolate. Pure Hershey's at its best. Mix in some Cadbury Creme Eggs or, my personal favorite, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs and your holiday indulgence is pretty much complete. After all, what's Easter without candy?

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