First Whatever

So I finally got into this blogging scene. The main reason for doing so was to get free items and to win stuff. So far I have won a few small things and received many free items through the mail. I won't comment much about me personal but that I am a mom, work full time, and have little free time.

My favorite site that got me into all of this is Southern Savers. I started off slow by getting on-line coupons, added in newspaper one (thanks to my mom getting the paper!) and low and behold I now have a full pantry, a new freezer all stocked up and little room in the stand alone freezer. All the while saving 50-90% each time I went shopping.

Another site I got hooked into is Mommy Saves Big. This is where I get all the freebies, coupon codes, sweepstakes, etc. I have a ton of pads now!

Slowly I found Freebies 4 Mom and the rest is history. I now check numerous blogs each day and enter in all the giveaways I can, doing as many entrees as I am allowed.

Do I have facebook. Yes. But that's for my personal friends who actually know who I am and will remain that way. Maybe I'll make a facebook site like I did here, who knows. This e-mail you see on this site. It is not my personal e-mail so I can care less about it really. It's mainly used for giveaways and on-line stuff.