Thursday, January 21, 2010

New giveaways entered as of 1/21/10 (11pm)

New giveaways I entered (you can see all the older ones on the Other Giveaway link at the top of the blog):

J. Leigh Designz
Fantasy Jewelry Box - Affordable Jewelry for Expensive Tastes - Review & Giveaway! 2/15

Two of a kind working on a full house
Nimli Azuri Pashmina Scarf Review And Giveaway 2/15

Silver Savings, Freebies and Giveaways
Flirty Aprons - Review and Giveaway 2/2

The Classy Mommy Blog
Giveaway: Best Buy $100 Gift Card 1/26

Curious Chef Giveaway 2/7

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls
Goodies by Deidre Wood ~ Valentine Giveaway 1/29

Energizer Bunny Mommy
Zerowater (R&G) 2/6

Mommy's Memorandum
100 Follower Snugglie/Ben and Jerry's Giveaway 100 followers

My Silly Monkeys
Be Nice Prenatal review & giveaway 2/4

Emmys boos and rawrs
Cir*Kis game review and giveaway 2/5

The B Keeps Us Honest
B Mine: Teleflora Review + Giveaway 2/3
B Mine: Bacon Salt Review + Giveaway 2/4

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