Thursday, February 18, 2010

CSN Review and more in the future

Looks like my little giveaway blog and all my hard work is getting some attention! I've recently received an offer from CSN Stores to review a home decor product. This is the same place where my husband has been shopping for bar stools to go with the bar he recently bought at Accent Furniture Direct, another CSN store!

CSN Stores is actually a network of over 200+ shopping websites, so there's a ton of stuff to review. It made it a little difficult to settle on just one item :) Of course, I can't just go telling everyone what I'm reviewing until I actually get a chance to use it, gotta keep myself honest after all!

Though, you could browse their stores and try to guess what I'll be reviewing. Or maybe recommend products that you'd personally like to see reviewed if you're on the fence about buying them. Or just to browse around in general. After all, the more traffic they get from my blog the more they'll be interested in our opinions :) And once I get the hang of all this I'll throw in a giveaway in the near future!

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