Thursday, February 25, 2010

New giveaways entered as of 2/25/10 (2:50am)

New giveaways I entered (you can see all the older ones on the Other Giveaway link at the top of the blog):

The Bragging Mommy
DownEast Basics New Spring Line {28 Day Style Guide} Review and Giveaway 2/27
Boutique Sweet Cheeks Bumbo Seat Cover Review and Giveaway 3/1
one9designs Personalized Jewelry Review and Giveaway 3/2
New Baby Dipper Bowl, Spoon, and Fork Set Review and Giveaway 3/2

whimsical creations
I Sew Lucky Owl Giveaway 2/27

OnTray Review & Giveaway 3/5
Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce Review & 2 Giveaway 3/5
RHB Designs Review & $25 Gift Card Giveaway 3/5
Tropical Traditions Shredded Coconut Review & Giveaway 3/6
Pony Sisters Ponchos Review and Giveaway! 3/7
WallCandy Arts Review & 3 Giveaways 3/8
Natural Joy Review & Giveaway 3/7
CND Creative Nails Design Colour Effect Review & Giveaway 3/8

Shelley's Swag
~EvoraPlus Review & Giveaway~ 3/10

HandmadeMN Giveaway - 16-Point Green Window Star 3/6

Silver Savings, Freebies and Giveaways
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars Apparel - Review and Giveaway 3/8
Seventh Generation - Review and Giveaway 3/10
Yu-Be Review and Giveaway 3/11
Misikko Hana Professional 1’’ Flat Iron – Pink Edition - Review & Giveaway 3/13


Little Miss Heirlooms
Scotch and Soda Giveaway 2/28

Mama's Money Savers
Book Review & Giveaway: "Corked" by Kathryn Borel - 3 Winners 3/8

Simply Stacie
My Lip Stuff Review & Giveaway 3/7
EvoraKids Review & Giveaway 3/7
Book Giveaway: Jordan by Susan Kearney 3/8
BabyBjorn Review & Giveaway 3/8
Rockin' Green Review & Giveaway 3/8
Daniel Green Review & Giveaway 3/9
Book Giveaway: Snake Dance by Angelica Hart and Zi 3/9
Skinfood Skincare Review & Giveaway 3/9
Ban T-Shirts Review & Giveaway 3/9
Book Giveaway: The Power of Half by Kevin and Hannah Salwen 3/10
GO SMiLE Review & Giveaway 3/10
Book Giveaway: Dutch II: Angel's Revenge by Teri Woods 3/10
Yu-Be Review & Giveaway 3/10
EO Review & Giveaway 3/10

One 2 Try
Dare to Surrender - Book Review with Giveaway 3/3
Kopali Organics - Review with Giveaway 3/3
The Magic Warble - Book Review with Giveaway 3/4
Wow Wow Wubbzy - Go for Gold! DVD Giveaway 3/4
Craving Chinese Food? Wanchai Ferry Giveaway 3/5
Are your Kids Getting enough Fiber? Pedia-Lax Giveaway 3/5

Couponing for 4
Simply Preggo T-Shirt Giveaway! 2/28

Labor of Love Baby Shower- BornFree Cup Review and Bottles Giveaway! 3/6
Labor of Love Baby Shower- Bumkins Review and Giveaway! 3/6
Labor of Love Baby Shower-- ERGO Baby Review and Giveaway! 3/7
Labor of Love Baby Shower- Stonz Wear Review and Giveaway! 3/8
Labor of Love Baby Shower- Aquaphor Baby Review and Giveaway! FIVE WINNERS! 3/9
Labor of Love Baby Shower- Moody Mama's Giveaway! 3/9

the wide world of... review + $25 hair accessory giveaway 3/5

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls
AUSTINGLASSGUY ~ St Patty's Giveaway 3/7
Devany Designs ~ St Patty's Giveaway 3/8
K Geddes Creations ~ St Patty's Giveaway 3/9
Giggle Baby Designs ~ St Pattty's Giveaway 3/10
Wilton ~ St Patty's Giveaway! 3/10
Alex and Ani ~ St Patty's Giveaway 3/3

Mommy's Memorandum
Monkey Mind Design Feature and Giveaway! 3/1
Dream Water Review and Giveaway 3/1
Needles and Kims Feature and Giveaway 3/1
Getting to Know ME Giveaway! 660 followers
Joyfully Sewn Designs Feature and Giveaway! 3/3

Theta Mom
The BUILT Cargo Laptop Sleeve Review and Giveaway 3/4

Born 2 impress
Zip-It Opener-Review and Giveaway 3/4
Baby Star Clothing- Review and Giveaway 3/5
Candy Wall -Review and Giveaway 3/6
South of France Body Care Products- Review and Giveaway 3/8

Oh My Baby
Mommy Mitten Review & Giveaway 3/15

Peace and Quiet
Giveaway: Grocery Coupons worth over $400 3/2

Moma Lovebug
Skin MD Natural Review and Giveaway! 3/7
Be Nice Review and Giveaway! 3/10

The Single Mama Review Corner
Cowgirl Chocolates Review and Giveaway 3/9
Therafirm Socks review and giveaway 3/12
One Bag at a Time Review and Giveaway 3/10

Minnesota Mama's Must Haves
Human Nature Reach Out CD Review & Giveaway! Get an Autographed Copy!! 3/10
Cover Your Hair In Style! Review & Giveaway! 3/3
Have You Tried Popchips Yet? MMMmmm! Come Win Some! 3/10
How Do You Stay Organized For Tax Day? Carolina Pad Can Help! Giveaway! 3/10
Every Mama Deserves To Be Spoiled! Review + Giveaway! 3/10

Baby Loving Mama
Bake Me a Wish {Celebration Review & Giveaway #10} 3/7
Let’s Grow: Lend a Helping Hand {Review & Giveaway} 3/9

Helping mommys win
Seventh Generation Review and Giveaway 3/12
Paw Parazzi Review and Giveaway here! 3/13

Go Graham Go!
Goblin Kids. Natural and Unique Choices for Toys {$25 Gift Card Giveaway} 3/8
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! "Go for Gold" DVD {Giveaway} 3/9
BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Air {Giveaway. 3 Winners} 3/10

Health+Beauty Event Day 2: Comfort Food Diet Cookbook Giveaway 3/6
Health+Beauty Event Day 3: PedEgg and HeelTastic Giveaway 3/6
Health+Beauty Event Day 4: Add More ~ing to Your Life Giveaway 3/6

Girly Girl Giveaways
Giveaway- Wett Giggles Soap 2/27

Nuddle: The Blanket of Hollywood Giveaway! 3/5
Go-Natural: The All-In-One Makeup Giveaway 3/7
The Cream Perfume Company Giveaway: 3 Winners 3/5

Second Time Around
Vat19 B-2 Stealth Bomber DVD Review & Giveaway 3/15
Seventh Generation Natural Baby Kit Review & Giveaway 3/16
How to NEVER Look Fat Again by Charla Krupp Review & Giveaway (3 Winners) 3/17

You wanna know what I think?...
Giveaway: Triple Paste: Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash 3/1
Giveaway: Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil 3/1

A Mom's Balancing Act
The Shushybye Sleepover Surprise children's book and CD ~ Review and Giveaway 3/9
Healthier Lunch For Your Kids! Warmables For Kids Review and Giveaway 3/9
Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk With DHA Omega-3 Review and Giveaway 3/9
St. Eve Kids Pink Cozy Review and Giveaway 3/10

Hope's Cafe
Giveaway-Novica $75.00 Gift Certificate!! 3/8
Review & Giveaway-Brightfeet Lighted Slippers! 3/10

Luv My Two Girls
Piggy Paint Giveaway 3/12

The Mom Buzz
Win Husband Treats for a Lucky Man 3/16
Get a Workout While You Walk: Win Fitness Footwear 3/8
Win an Automatic Watch from Orient Watch ($160 Value) 3/10

The Mommy-Files
“LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers” DVD Giveaway 2/28
“Yo Gabba Gabba” Review & Giveaway 2/28
Elvis 75 CD Review and Giveaway 2/28

Moms Own Words
The Adventures of Harvey the Wonder Dog Book Review and Giveaway 3/8

Just for Me...and You
Jamullah Peppermint Oil Scented Shirt Review & {GIVEAWAY!!} 3/8
Tidy Books Bookcase Review & {GIVEAWAY!!} 3/8
Molly's Clothing Review & {GIVEAWAY!!} 3/7

Shelley's Swag
~Kiss My Face Kids Review & Giveaway~ 3/20
~Golden Moon Tea Review & Giveaway~ 3/12

My Four Monkeys
Old Barn Rescue Company - Fabulous Wall Graphics!! {Giveaway} 3/8
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Go for Gold on DVD - Celebrate the Olympics With Wubbzy! {Giveaway} 3/8
Caught'ya! Grammar with a Giggle for Middle School: Giggles in the Middle {Giveaway} 3/8
Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake on DVD March 2nd {Giveaway} 3/8

the ivy twines
Snugglebug Baby Boutique {review+giveaway} 3/8
The Posh Bambino {review + giveaway} 3/10

The B Keeps Us Honest
The Serotonin Power Diet Book Review + Giveaway 3/12
Fill-in-the-Blankie Review + Giveaway 3/15
Supermarket Smarty Review + Giveaway 3/17

Truth Be Told
Ecostore USA: Product Review and Giveaway 3/8

Mommy Kat and Kids
Sunny and Chic-Winner's Choice 3/15

Two of a kind, working on a full house
Glamourmom - The Built-In Nursing Bra Review And Giveaway 3/12
Celebrate National Pancake Month With Aunt Jemima Frozen Pancakes Giveaway (Two Winners) 3/12

J. leigh designz
Balboa Baby - High Chair & Shopping Cart Cover - Review & Giveaway! 3/12
Ecostore USA - No Nasty Chemicals - Review & Giveaway!

Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports
HALO's sleep safety. (+Giveaway) 3/13
Select Comfort....for your 'bump' (+ Giveaway) 3/13
The BIG, FAT General Mills-Atari-Target Giveaway 3/7
Over the Rainbow (+ Book Giveaway) 3/13

Thanks, Mail Carrier
GIVEAWAY: ABC Neckties' Stylish, Quality and Affordable Ties (2 winners!) 3/18

Emmys boos and rawrs
Scrubz body scrub review and giveaway (4 winners) 3/6

Fire And Ice
Mom's Monday Giveaway-Vintage Little People Jewelry 3/22

Piece of ME
"Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! Go For Gold" DVD Giveaway 3/8
Pawparazzi Pets Review & Giveaway 3/10

ShayAaron Review and Giveaway 3/4
HairCoverings.Com Review and Giveaway 3/7

Something To Talk About
Fairytale Brownies Review & Giveaway 3/8
Gimmie Jimmy's Cookies Review & Giveaway 3/8
BeltsDirect Review & Giveaway 3/9

Peaches' Reviews and Giveaways
Hooray! Another Crazy Dog T-Shirts Review and Giveaway! 3/4
Peeled Snacks Review and Giveaway 3/5

Frugal & Fabulous
Giveaway & Review: Squishy Bowls! 3/3

Boiron Giveaway 3/10
Seventh Generation Giveaway 3/12

One Grateful Mama
Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce *Review and Giveaway* 3/7

Familylicious Reviews & Giveaways
Ice-Qube Review and Giveaway 3/13
Zerowater Review and Giveaway 3/13
Sweet Tarts Galore Review and Giveaway 3/13

5 Vinez Monkeys
Win & Give from Betty Crocker "Win & Give Away" 3/10

Daisy dayz
Carols Crafts Giveaway 3/1

Outnumbered 3 to 1
Door Open by Ian Rankin Review and Giveaway 3/9

A Heart For Home
Review & Giveaway: Booger Butts 3/9

Etsy It Up!
{worthy of the prize} discount + giveaway 3/2
{the rusted chain} + giveaway 3/3

Trying to Stay Calm!
Yogavive Review and Giveaway... 3/2
Eden Home Review and Giveaway... 3/9

Me and My Boys!
My Baby Nest Carrier-Review & Giveaway 3/9

Giveaway: $60 Celestial Seasoning Cold Care Kit--Teas! 3/5

Live and Learn With CSN Stores! Win a Leap Frog Music Table! {giveaway} 3/10

The Adventures of Paul & Natalie..
Flirty Aprons Review + Giveaway 3/16

Emily's Latest
Fairhaven Health Review, Discount & GIVEAWAY! 3/9

Melissa & Doug Blog
GIVEAWAY! Win a Sunny Patch Raincoat, Pair of Boots, and Umbrella! 3/10

My Second Giveaway (as promised!) 3/2

Upstate Ramblings
150 Followers Giveaway 3/15

Salad For Breakfast
Tracy Designs - Review and Giveaway! 3/3

Evoluchun's Misc. Blog
Everything Princesses Review & Giveaway 3/3

Sage and Savvy
Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart Review and Giveaway 3/3

Mommy? I'm Hungry!
Review and Giveaway: Skin MD Natural Lotion 3/2

Deal Wise Mommy
Miao Miao Review & Giveaway 3/2

"Deal"ectible Mommies
Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart CD Review & Giveaway 3/6

My Wee View
Nana’s Natural Diapers – $25 Gift Certificate 3/5
five ACCESSORIES – $30 Gift Certificate 3/5
Thirsties Cloth Diapers 2/26
Momzelle – Criss Cross Tank ($45) 3/5

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