Friday, March 5, 2010

New giveaways entered as of 3/5/10 (5:35pm)

New giveaways I entered (you can see all the older ones on the Other Giveaway link at the top of the blog):

Thanks, Mail Carrier
Traveling With Children: Comfort {Travel Buddies Review & Giveaway} 3/25

the ivy twines
Conk Wear {review + giveaway} 3/18

Outnumbered 3 to 1
Fantastic Mr. Fox - Review and Giveaway 3/18

Fire And Ice
Grey Felt Purse Giveaway 4/4
Templar Book Thongs Giveaway 3/5

Trendy Treehouse
Your Monthly Dose of Scrapbook Inspiration... Review & Giveaway!!! 3/11

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls
All-Ett Billfolds Giveaway! 3/20

Mom's Focus on Cyber World
Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max Diapers & Liz Lange Diaper Clutch Giveaway – 3 Winners!

COPCO 3/21

Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports
Warm and Toasty in a Slanket ! (+ Giveaway) 3/20

A Mom's Balancing Act
Bathed With Love: TummyTub Review and Natural Sea Sponge Giveaway 3/18

Labor of Love Baby Shower- Rockabye Baby 3/18
Labor of Love Baby Shower- Prego Planner Giveaway! 3/18
Labor of Love Baby Shower- Tummy Tub Giveaway! 3/18

The Adventures of Paul & Natalie..
Dick's Sporting Goods Contest + $50 Gift Card Giveaway 3/31

Mommy Kat and Kids
Bummis Easy Fit Cloth Diaper 3/31
Muvee Reveal Version 8 3/31

My Four Monkeys
Bucky the Turtle from Buckle Toys {Giveaway} 3/15
Create Unique and Custom T-Shirts at {Giveaway} 3/15
One-Of-A-Kind Custom Photo Bookmarks from TAG Line Designs {Giveaway} 3/15

JDaniel4's Mom
Rhythm and Blues CD Giveaway 3/13

Mama's Money Savers
DVD Review & Giveaway: “Amelia” 3/18

Leslie Loves Veggies
Our Little Books ~ Healthy Eating Books {Giveaway} ~ 5 Winners 3/19
[me]&goji ~ Custom Artisanal Cereal Giveaway ~ 2 Winners 3/19
Alexa's Angels ~ Multi Coin Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace {Giveaway} 3/19
Sahale Snacks Prize Package Giveaway ~ 3 Winners 3/18
ME! Bath ~ Bath Ice Cream {Giveaway} ~ 2 Winners 3/18
Shirley J Corn Bread & Muffin Mix {Giveaway} 2 Winners 3/18
Missionary Chocolates {Delicious Giveaway} ~ 2 Winners 3/17
CoffeeForLess ~ Timothy's German Chocolate Cake K-Cups {Giveaway} 3/17

One 2 Try
Bee Well Wishes - Review with Giveaway 3/14

Emmys boos and rawrs
hair bows review and giveaway from spoiled sweet 3/19

Mommy's Memorandum
Snack Taxi Review and Giveaway 3/12

Win a $20 Grocery Card and Yoplait Greek Yogurt 3/18

Comfy Creations Review & Giveaway 3/17
Black Phoenix Trading Post Nail Polishes Review & 5 Giveaways 3/17
Baby Elephant Ears Review & Giveaway 3/17

wishing penny
Flings Bins ~ GIVEAWAY!!! 3/14

Sage and Savvy
PhotoWorks Givevaway 3/12

The B Keeps Us Honest
Mystic Wonders Review + Giveaway 3/21
snackTaxi Review + Giveaway 3/25

Tea and Thee
Spice Rack Chocolates Tea Time Collection Review and Giveaway 3/19

The Experimental Mommy
Disney Family helps Moms find their Inner Beauty and Outer Glow! Giveaway! 3/19

Trying to Stay Calm!
Plow & Hearth Bird Feeder Review and Giveaway... 3/16

Go Graham Go!
Learning to Get Along Series {RAWMC Giveaway} 3/19

Jolly Mom
Moms, Find Your Inner Beauty and Outer Glow with Disney {Beauty Giveaway} 3/19

Second Time Around
$50 Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Card Giveaway 3/30

Baby Loving Mama
Disney Beauty Must-Have Kit {Giveaway} 3/18

Pampers Cruisers with Dry Max Review and Giveaway! 3/13

Familylicious Reviews & Giveaways
Halo Sleep Sack Review and Giveaway 3/20
Ah Goo Baby Plush Pad Review and Giveaway 3/20

5 Vinez Monkeys
Dick's Sporting Goods Twitter Contest $50 Gift Card 3/31

Simply Stacie
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Adorable Baby Review & Giveaway 3/12
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Bamboosa Review & Giveaway 3/12
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Wild About Beads Review & Giveaway 3/12
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Slumber Sounds Review & Giveaway 3/12
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Review & Giveaway 3/12

KiddiesCorner Deals
Potty Tots Potty Training Kit Review and Giveaway! 3/19

A Heart For Home
The Fabric Bar Review & Giveaway 3/19

Minnesota Mama's Must Haves
Have you tried Rumparooz? Review and Giveaway from Franklin Goose! 3/17

Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports
Tatutina holds up Bunny girl's books! (+Giveaway) 3/20

Thanks, Mail Carrier
Traveling With Children: Entertainment {RandomLine On-The-Go Games Review & Giveaway}

The Mommy-Files
Wrong Number and Office Box Giveaway 3/15
“Old Dogs” DVD Review & Giveaway 3/8

MyPleasure Aphrodite massager *Review & Giveaway* 3/19

The Bragging Mommy
Laugh and Learn DVD set and Book Review and Giveaway 3/12

Book Giveaways
Twinkle, Star of the Week Review and Giveaway... 3/23

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Missy said...

I'd love to know how you enter so many a day. I understand copy/paste from a note pad but I have a hard time entering very many new ones each day. Do you do daily tweets for them all ?