Monday, March 8, 2010

New giveaways entered as of 3/8/10 (8:27pm)

New giveaways I entered (you can see all the older ones on the Other Giveaway link at the top of the blog):

the ivy twines
Heartwares {review & giveaway} 3/19

A Mom's Balancing Act
Franklin Goose: Kidco Peapod Travel Tent Review and Giveaway 3/22

Piece of ME
Dr. Bloom's Chewable Jewels {Review & Giveaway} 3/19

One 2 Try
Shirley J Universal Sauce - Review with Giveaway 3/15
The Soy Box - Candle Review with Giveaway 3/16

Caiafa Craziness Reviews and Giveaways
celtic woman 4 R &G 3/15

The Mom Buzz
Palm Pre Plus & Verizon $25 Gift Card Give-Away 3/28

Ladybug Soup
Agoo Leg Warmers: Style Meets Function! Review and Giveaway 3/18

The Adventures of Paul & Natalie..
Horizon Organic Lowfat Chocolate Milk Review + Giveaway 3/25

Jaebumfangirl {Juicy Couture Bag} Giveaway! 3/31
LensCases {Hello Kitty} Giveaway! 3/10

Hope's Cafe
Patient Style Socks-Review and Giveaway!! 3/19

Mama's Money Savers
DVD Review & Giveaway: “Wow Wow Wubbzy: Go For Gold” 3/19

Deal Wise Mommy
Elegant Mommy Review/Giveaway! 3/11

My Silly Monkeys
500 Followers Giveaway! 3/16

Thanks, Mail Carrier
Traveling With Children: Potty Breaks {On-The-Go Inflatable Potty Seat Review & Giveaway - 5 winners!} 3/25
Traveling with Children: Luggage {High Sierra Sport Company Review & Giveway} 3/25

Mommy's Memorandum
Mahlow's Mosaics Feature and Giveaway 3/12
Kidz Gear Review and Giveaway.. 3/19

One Grateful Mama
CleanRest Allergy Blocking Bedding *Review and Giveaway* 3/21

Just for Me...and You
Baby Genius Favorite Counting Songs Review & {GIVEAWAY!!} 3/17

wishing penny

Minnesota Mama's Must Haves
Are you missing the Olympics? Wow Wow Wubbzy Go For Gold DVD! 3/17

Familylicious Reviews & Giveaways
Heartland Dreams Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway 3/20
Alphabet Plates Review and Giveaway 3/20

Simply Stacie
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Live Simply, LLC Review & Giveaway 3/13
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Bummis Review & Giveaway 3/13
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Sippy Stuff Review & Giveaway 3/13
Book Review & Giveaway: The Art of Choosing by Sheena Iyengar 3/21
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Kewt Kids Review & Giveaway 3/14
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Tinytongs Review & Giveaway 3/14
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: SproutBaby Review & Giveaway 3/14
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: M.A.H. Creations Review & Giveaway 3/14
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Baby U R Precious Review & Giveaway 3/14

Fire And Ice
Foggy Notions Hobo Bag Giveaway 4/6

Born 2 impress
Eat Smart- Review and Giveaway 3/15

Frugal Housewife
Protect a Bed Mattress Protector Review & Giveaway 3/21

Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports
Me Do Good..n me wear it too! (+Giveaway) 3/20

Just for Me...and You
Baby Genius Vacuum Review & {GIVEAWAY!!} 3/17

J. leigh designz
Fantasy Jewelry Box - Affordable Bracelets for Expensive Tastes - Review & Giveaway! 3/29

whimsical creations
Soms Studio Supplies Giveaway 3/13

The Experimental Mommy
Punkaboo: Review and Giveaway 3/22

Soft Lips and more Soft Lips Review and Giveaway 3/21

It's Serious This Time
General Mills Cares About Your Heart Giveaway 3/21

How To Survive Life in The Suburbs (twitter)
Shopping Spree! Giveaway from CSN Stores 3/12

Dandy Giveaway
Molly's Clothing 3/8

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom
GIVEAWAY ALERT: Disney Beauty Giveaway 3/10

Emmys boos and rawrs
Zevia all natural, diet, zero calorie soda review & 3 giveaways 4/6

Yummy Dough Review & Giveaway 3/20
Atterdag Kids Review and $30 Gift Card Giveaway 3/20
Wilton Review & Giveaway 3/21

Kindred Spirit Mommy
Breeze Comfort Ventilated Bra Review and Giveaway 3/27

Labor of Love Baby Shower- JJ Cole Review and Giveaway! 3/19
Labor of Love Baby Shower- Coddlelife Bottle Review and Giveaway! 3/20
Labor of Love Baby Shower- Invitation Consultants Giveaway! 3/20
CafePress-- SIGG Giveaway! 3/21
Labor of Love Baby Shower- Alex Toys Review and Giveaway! 3/21
Labor of Love Baby Shower- KABOOST Review and Giveaway! 3/21

Closet of Free Samples
Sunglass Warehouse 3/21

Midday Escapades
Flirty Aprons: Review & *GIVEAWAY* 3/20
FUMI Pursehook: Review & *GIVEAWAY* 3/20
$50 Gift Certificate for Urbanity Studios {GIVEAWAY} 3/20

Xtrema Cookware Giveaway: Healthier Cooking for your Family 3/21
Nimli Pashmina Scarf Giveaway 3/15
Planet 51 DVD Giveaway!: Landing on Shelves March 9th 3/15

Sage and Savvy
Stubby Pencil Studio Giveaway 3/14

Minnesota Mama's Must Haves
Organize your junk drawer with Rubbermaid! Review & Giveaway 3/17
Boppy Protective Cover & Newborn Booster 3/24
Personalized Children's Book from Little Wonder Company RV $50

Cake Mom
Bakeless Sunday: Strapped Belts Review and GIVEAWAY!!! 3/16

Just Short of Crazy
Out of the Box Sampler--Review/Giveaway 3/17

Piece of ME
Cinnabon's Sweet New Addition - Cupcakes! {Giveaway} 3/21

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls
Nowali ~ Spring/Easter Giveaway! 3/25
Pawparazzi ~ Easter Giveaway 3/26

"Deal"ectible Mommies
Introducing Benihana's March Chef's Special & A Giveaway 3/15

Jolly Mom
Weekend at the Movies with Jolly Mom {Giveaway} 3/21

Shrimp Salad Circus
my readers | $100 random giveaway 3/20

JDaniel4's Mom
Gaddy Nipper Crayon's Fun Shaped Crayon Giveaway 3/18

The B Keeps Us Honest
B Clean: List Planit Review + Giveaway 3/22
Kirby Cleaning Products Review + Giveaway 3/22
DaysAgo Review + Giveaway 3/25

Little Miss Heirlooms
Little Monsters Gear Giveaway 3/13

Baby Loving Mama
Wilton Dimensions Giant Cupcake Pan {Celebration Review & Giveaway #12} 3/23

Trendy Treehouse
Blessings Unlimited Review & Giveaway 3/14

Trying to Stay Calm!
Old Dogs Review and Giveaway... 3/16

The Mommy-Files
“Where the Wild Things Are” DVD Review & Giveaway 3/11

The Bragging Mommy
PearlParadise Akoya Pearl Necklace Review and Giveaway 3/14

KiddiesCorner Deals
Mirra Beauty Care Review & Giveaway! 3/22

Nature Manipulated
Weekly Feature and Giveaway: Fantasy Clay 3/14

Go Graham Go!
NEW Pampers Dry Max {Giveaway} 3/22

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Active. Be Amazing
Celestial Seasonings Wellness pack Giveaway 3/15

Fire And Ice
Handmade Rubber Stamp By Nerd Nook 3/16
The Golden Woods Necklace Giveaway 4/8

Daisy dayz
High Cloud Giveaway! 3/14

My Wee View
Naturally Good.Net – Bath Mat 3/17
Redfish Kids – Swing Dress or Tee & Skater Shorts 3/12
Dandelion Earth Friendly Goods – Re-Usables Gift Set 3/12
Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey – Gift Pack 3/19
The Princess and the Frog – DVD & Blu-Ray Combo Pack 3/19

Simply Stacie
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Tot-to-Go Review & Giveaway 3/15
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: SkinFix Review & Giveaway 3/15
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: Bella Materna Review & Giveaway 3/15
Ohhh Baby Extravaganza: We Love Colors Review & Giveaway 3/15

Couponing for 4
Weight Watchers Pedometer Giveaway! 3/13

The Adventures of Paul & Natalie..
MagnaPods Review + Giveaway 3/30

Deal Wise Mommy
Crunchy Cute Coupon Wallet Giveaway 3/12

Theta Mom
The Vintage Pearl Review and Giveaway 3/21

J. leigh designz
Misikko - Hana Professional Flat Iron 1.5" - Pink Edition - Review & Giveaway! 3/29

the ivy twines
Lady Bird Land {review + giveaway} 3/22

One 2 Try
GlassesUSA - Review with Giveaway 3/18

Mom's Focus on Cyber World
Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel DVD Giveaway-3 Winners! 3/22
FanDangling Next Generation Mobile Giveaway 3/22
Tropical traditions – Baby Silk Moisturizing Lotion Giveaway 3/22
$25 box of surprise Hair Accessories from Cover Your Hair Giveaway 3/22

Southern Savers
Mambo Sprouts: Organic Coupon Book Giveaway 3/9

Mommy Kat and Kids
Slimperfect-$50 Gift Certificate 3/31


EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

Thanks for the site but unfortunately I live in michigan :(

Clueless_Mama said...

Thanks so much for entering my giveaway and posting it here. I really appreciate it. Have a great day.

Som's Studio said...

Thank you so much for writing about my giveaway on your blog!