Sunday, March 21, 2010

REVIEW: Zevro Smart Space Triple Wall Mount Dispenser from CSN Store

Have you ever wanted to let your young child get her own cereal in the morning? I know I have when I am busy getting everything ready for the day. After searching through all the fun kitchen toys on I came upon the Zevro Smart Space Triple Wall Mount Dispenser and thought this would be perfect!

The Zevro Smart Space Triple Wall Mount Dispenser can hold up to 13 ounces of dry goods in each canister like cereal, candy, dry pasta, and even rice! What i liked even more about it before I even received it was that it does not take up precious counter top space but instead is mounted on the wall at a level a 4 year old can reach. Just by reading the features of the Zevro Smart Space Triple Wall Mount Dispenser is could not wait to open the box and try it out!

  • Unique, space-saving design
  • Suitable for all of your dry goods such rice, oatmeal, candy, nuts
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Allows for as needed dispensing (approximately 1 ounce each twist)
  • Holds up to 13 ounces of dry goods in each canister
  • Designed to preserve freshness up to 45 Days
  • Keeps food sanitary and germ free
  • Scratch resistant and shatter proof materials

My Initial thoughts of the Zevro Smart Space Triple Wall Mount Dispenser are very high. They provided instructions of course, but the mounting and usage of the product is very self-explanatory. It can quickly and easily be mounted with a simple cordless drill (I preferred a 13/64 bit, but anything close to that will do), a hammer to put in the wall anchors (they're not like any wall anchors I've ever seen, but that could just be my lack of experience… hopefully they hold up), a pencil to mark where to drill (of course), and a screwdriver to mount the unit. A level is always nice to use just to make sure it's, well, level. Be aware that the screws are very soft, an electric screwdriver will easily strip them. And there's only so much force you want to use lest you risk pushing the anchors through the drywall. But all in all, it mounted to the wall quickly and easily.

It seems pretty stable. The handles can be difficult to turn depending on what's in the container. Don't expect a very small child to be able to get a lot of Cheerios out of here, as they get stuck in the mechanism. An adult can turn it, but a 5-year-old can find it difficult. Fruity Pebbles and Rice Krispies are much easier and a small child had no problem getting the cereal.

I like the small stopper on the bottom in that it helps keep the contents of the canisters fresh. While we were trying this out not once did the cereal go bad. However, it sometimes makes you want to have another arm handy to hold it while you're using the product. It would be great if the stopper could be attached to the unit some how so you don't have to find a place to put it while getting the contents of the canister. The top of the canisters does provide a good resting place for the stopper but you have to remember to put it back on. The cups are a nice feature if you are using it for pasta or rice, but for something you don't need measured there wasn't a need to keep them on the canisters.

After using the Zevro Smart Space Triple Wall Mount Dispenser for a while if found that the stopper on the bottom definitely helps keep cereal fresh. The Rice Krispies have been sitting in there since we got it and they're still fine. The canisters are easy to refill as you can add more cereal to the top of the canister by removing the top stopper.

There's sort of a trade-off on the size of food to put in these, but that's true for any product that performs this function. If the food is too large then the handles become difficult to turn (Cookie Crisp would probably be impossible).But if the food is too small then it's very easy for some to spill through the mechanism while you're putting the stopper and measuring cup back in place. But from the perspective of my 5-year-old daughter, Rice Krispies are the perfect size. Several times I've watched her get her own cereal from this unit and she's never had a problem with it. In fact she now demands she gets her own cereal! I still provide the milk as I just don't trust her yet with that!

It's simple, it's handy, it keeps the food fresh, and it's kid-friendly. All in all, I like it.

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Blommi (formerly reddoggie) said...

That is pretty cool. My daughter would probably make a mess with it, but I could use it for rice & stuff.